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Dairy Plant

A dairy production facility is a facility where milk and dairy products are produced. In these facilities, milk processing operations are carried out to obtain various dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, butter, and more.


Ice Cream Plant

Ice Cream Plant is a facility designed to produce ice cream on a large scale. This facility includes all the equipment and processes necessary for ice cream production. The Ice Cream Plant provides high efficiency.


Yogurt Plant

A Yogurt Plant is a set of equipment used in the production of yogurt. Yogurt plant involves processes such as pasteurizing, fermenting, and homogenizing milk.


Fruit Yogurt Plant

Fruit yogurt plants are a type of production line used in the production of fruit yogurt, which involves adding fruit and fruit puree to the yogurt during the production process.


Labne Production Plant

The Labne Production Plant includes processes such as milk pasteurization, preparation of yogurt culture, fermentation, and straining. The quality of the milk used in labne production is crucial for the quality of the final product.


Danish Cheese Production Unit

A Danish Cheese Production Unit starts with the addition of culture and rennet to pasteurized milk. Cheese filling is done using automatic machines.


Fruit Juices Production Plant

Fruit Juice Production Plant is a production line designed for large-scale production of fruit juices. These lines include all the equipment used in fruit juice production and are offered as turnkey solutions. This line provides time and labor savings in fruit juice production.


Ketchup Line

Hommak Machinery provides solutions to meet the needs of ketchup producers, enabling them to compete in a competitive environment and obtain high-quality and consistent products. Hommak Machinery offers optimal solutions for ketchup production facilities.


Ketchup & Mayonnaise Full Automatic Production Line

Ketchup & Mayonnaise Full Automatic Production Line is a manufacturing line that enables the production of sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise in large quantities, quickly and automatically. It provides an efficient solution for the production of sauces.

CIP Units

CIP (Clean-in-Place), is a system used for cleaning industrial equipment and pipeline systems in place without disassembly.

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