HOMMAK pilot plant homogenizers were designed for limited production and Research and Development studies.

HOMMAK homogenizers increase your process stability and enable you to produce more precise and quality products. Since unstable products cause unexpected results in all industries, they make it impossible to get stable results in production.

With its experienced and specialized teams, knowledge, and dedication, HOMMAK Machine supports you by manufacturing custom-designed, high-efficiency homogenization machines designed to meet your demands.

CE Certified
ISO 9001

HOMMAKAdvantages of Pilot Plant Homogenizer:

  • Easy installation,
  • Simple operation,
  • Quick and easy maintenance,
  • Low cost,
  • A mobile system,
  • Flexible operation pressure ranging up to 2000 bar,
  • Pressure feeding of high viscosity products using the feeding chamber.

The Lowest
Piston Movement Speed (RPM)

Hommak homogenizers operate with the lowest piston movement speed (RPM) of all competitors worldwide. In this way, moving parts exposed to friction run properly. Our homogenizer designed to ensure lower wear, longer service intervals and wider safety margins.

Hommak offers high-level customer satisfaction with its high-quality products specially designed according to customer needs. As a result of years of experience and innovation function intecrating technical R&D and technology focus. HOMMAK manufactures homogenizers that can work with low energy consumption with the necessary optimizations.
Homogenizing Valve
  • Unique homogenizing valve structures
  • Zirconium ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic, tungsten carbide and cobalt cardibe materials
  • AISI 304 stainless steel material
  • Special sandblasting application
  • Resin reinforced nodular cast iron material
  • Vibrationless and high strength structure
  • Using gear-reducer in all homogenizers except L series
Suction and Delivery Check Valves
  • Unique mushroom and ball check valve structures
  • Cobalt carbide and tungsten carbide alloy materials
  • Check valve seats are designed symmetrically, to beused twice-once on each time
  • High strength special stainless steel and zirconium ceramic material
  • Surfaces appropriate for the usage area; chrome, cobalt cardibe, tungsten carbide and ceramic coating applications
Sealing Components
  • Hygienic seal in accordance with food grade
  • Long lasting working performance with lower RPM
  • Kevlar, PEEK, Zedex, TIVAR, POM, PE, FKM, PTFE materials
Compression Head
  • Hommak special MonoBlock and MultiBlock design
  • Reducing the surface for microorganism to attach, with nonblind-spot design
  • Surface Roughness: Ra<1.6µm, Ra<0.8µm, Ra<0.5µm (electropolidhed)
  • 3-D CAD design, FEM and CFO analysis
  • Easy to see and access for maintenance and service
  • 10-year MonoBlock warranty against crackings

HOMMAK Pilot Plant Homogenizers


  • Standard Pressure (Bar): 200
  • Capacity (L/H): 500
  • Power (kW): 5.5


  • Standard Pressure (Bar): 200
  • Capacity (L/H): 250
  • Power (kW): 3


  • Standard Pressure (Bar): 1.500
  • Capacity (L/H): 20
  • Power (kW): 2.2


Homogenizers are classified according to their usage area and working principles.


Homogenizers are classified according to their usage area and working principles.

Industrial Homogenizer

HOMMAK Industrial Homogenizers are produced using innovative, customizable, high-strength and wear-resistant materials that always guarantee the highest quality and performance.

Laboratory Homogenizer

HOMMAK laboratory type homogenizer has a portable and portable structure. It allows you to improve your existing products and test the effect of homogenization on products.

Pilot Plant Homogenizer

HOMMAK pilot plant homogenizers are designed for limited production and R&D studies. It is very advantageous as it is a mobile system and provides a flexible working range up to 2000 bar pressure.

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    What is the Price of a Pilot Plant Homogenizer?
    • It is not possible to state a certain price for a pilot plant homogenizer. Their prices vary according to use conditions, purpose of use and the capacity. You can be sure that you will get the optimum solution in terms of price/performance.
    • We also provide 2nd hand homogenizers for more reasonable prices according to the requirements of our customers.
    • Please contact us to get quotation for a high-pressure homogenizer.
    Why Prefer HOMMAK?
    • It ensures customer satisfaction at high levels by providing high-quality custom products specially designed according to customer needs. As a result of years of experience and Research and Development studies, HOMMAK has achieved the goal of producing homogenizers that have lower energy consumption by making the necessary optimizations. It maximizes the return on investment in the homogenizer.
    • Hommak homogenizers operate with the world’s lowest piston movement speed (RPM). Therefore, it works smoothly without any vibration and with high efficiency for longer periods.
    • About 3000 HOMMAK high-pressure homogenizers are in active use around the world. HOMMAK Machine supports its customers by manufacturing approximately 250 homogenizers annually.

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