Why Prefer Hommak Homogenizer?


Why Prefer Hommak Homogenizer?

There are several reasons for preferring a Hommak Homogenizer. Some of which are as follows:

  • All of the metal parts of HOMMAK homogenizers are made of stainless steel and are completely hygienic. Therefore, you will not have rusting problem.
  • The gearboxes of the Hommak Homogenizers are made of high-quality and high-strength materials.
  • They were designed with no blind spots. Thus, more hygienic products are obtained.
  • All homogenizers, except for the laboratory homogenizers, have gearboxes.
  • Hommak uses high-quality pistons with piston options suitable for your area of use.
  • Modern alloy high-strength materials are used for the suction-discharge valves.
  • Homogenization valve is produced from highly wear resistant material (tungsten carbide or zirconium ceramic optional)
  • Compression head has a monoblock structure resistant to cracking. Its maintenance is quite easy.
  • The operation speed of the homogenizer is between 90-140 RPM. Thus, it is a durable machine.

World’s Lowest RPM Homogenizer

RPM, is the abbreviation of “Revolutions Per Minute”. It means the number of revolutions performed in 1 minute.

Homogenizer is the machine which transforms heterogeneous liquid product into a permanently homogeneous product by micronizing under high pressure.

HOMMAK homogenizers are the world’s lowest RPM homogenizers.

Why Is Low RPM Important?

Motors have an ideal operation speed. Operating over the ideal speed causes vibration and shortens the service life of the motor. Imagine an automobile with an ideal speed of, for example, 2000-2500 RPM, if you always drive this car at 5000 RPM, this car will cause problems in a short time or you will need a new engine.

In ideal conditions, a homogenizer should operate at 140 RPM; the capacity can be doubled by operating it at 280 RPM, however, the service life of the homogenizer becomes 50% shorter. In such a case, the purchaser would pay more for a lower capacity homogenizer and its service life would be short.

Particular attention should be paid to low RPM values when purchasing a homogenizer.