What is Homogenized Milk? Why is Milk Homogenized?


What is Homogenized Milk?

Homogenized milk is the product obtained by moving the milk containing large fat globules through a high-pressure homogenizer. In homogenized milk, fat particles become smaller and have a more homogeneous structure. This process is completely physical. No change occurs in the chemical structure and nutritional values of milk.

Why is Milk Homogenized?

Milk is naturally heterogeneous. Fat molecules in milk are collected in the upper parts of the milk due to the difference in density. When homogenization is carried out, the fat molecules are evenly distributed throughout the milk.

The benefits of homogenization process for the milk are as follows:

  • Makes the milk easy to digest since the fat globules are fragmented and made smaller.
  • Ensures a whiter appearance.
  • Increases its flavor and consistency.