Use of High-Pressure Homogenizer in Silicone Emulsion


Silicone Emulsion is used in various fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile products, leather industry, enamel paint, etc. Due to their inert structures, silicone-based emulsions are generally used in emulsion forms.

What are Silicone Emulsions?

Silicone emulsions are silicone oils dispersed in an aqueous system. Emulsions used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes are classified into O/W and W/O emulsions based on their phases. If the emulsion contains oil droplets in water, it is defined as an O/W (oil in water) emulsion, and if it contains water droplets in oil, it is defined as a W/O (water in oil) emulsion. Emulsions are ideal for surface treatments, easy to apply and prepare. The high viscosity of some silicone oils can be effectively reduced through emulsification. The aim of silicone emulsion formulation is to facilitate the processing of the product and enhance its efficiency. Silicone liquids are commonly used in the form of aqueous emulsions, which can be further diluted with water. The size and homogeneity of emulsions have shown a significant impact on the stabilization of droplets, which further influences application performance. Thanks to high-pressure homogenizers, we prevent phase separation.

Use of High-Pressure Homogenizer in Silicone Emulsion

The use of a High-Pressure Homogenizer is essential for silicone emulsions. Silicones and silicone liquids are so universally used that we encounter them in daily life without even realizing it. We see them in products like adhesives, lubricants, medicines, cleaning and polishing products, insulation materials, electrical insulation, foam suppressors, etc. In the production of silicone greases, lubricants, or coatings, when silicone liquid is mixed with other materials or water, it needs to be homogenized in the best way possible. Silicone mold release agents require homogenization to emulsify the silicone and distribute it homogeneously across the water phase and prevent phase separation.

Advantages of High-Pressure Homogenizer

After high-pressure homogenization, the particle size of the product decreases and it reduces the emulsifier ratio in the high-pressure homogenization process. When we work at a pressure higher than 500 Bar, particle sizes largely reach values of 1 micron and below. The excellent stabilization of silicone oil emulsions can be significantly achieved by using a mild emulsification technique of membrane emulsification. The droplet size and homogeneity of silicone oil droplets can be improved by controlling and also altering surface properties with the combination of optimized techniques.