Humus System The Humus System is used for producing hummus from chickpeas, and the homogenizer plays a crucial role in this system.

As HOMMAK Machinery, with its experienced and expert teams, we manufacture high-efficiency Humus System designed specifically for your needs, and we are always by your side with our knowledge and dedication to meet your requirements.

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HOMMAK Humus System

The homogenizer is a piece of equipment used for grinding chickpeas and adding other components. The grinding process allows the chickpeas to achieve a finer consistency and makes them easier to process. This results in a smoother texture and a better taste for the hummus.

The homogenizer is also used to distribute other ingredients homogeneously. Ingredients used in hummus production include tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, and spices. The homogeneous distribution of these ingredients ensures a better taste and consistency for the hummus.

The homogenizer is an essential tool for improving efficiency and product quality in hummus production. It also enhances the extraction of chickpea extracts, increasing efficiency. Therefore, using the appropriate homogenizer in the hummus system is crucial for producing high-quality hummus.

Importance of the Mixing Tank in the Humus System

The importance of the mixing tank in the hummus production process from chickpeas is significant. The mixing tank ensures that the chickpeas and other ingredients are mixed homogeneously, which enhances the final product’s quality. Additionally, the mixing tank helps the hummus achieve the desired consistency and texture. The capacity of the mixing tank is chosen based on the production line’s capacity.

Advantages of HOMMAK Humus System

Make a difference in your production with Hommak Humus System.

When choosing a Humus System, it is essential to consider production capacity. HOMMAK, with its expert team, determines your business’s daily/weekly production quantity and manufactures a Humus System that fully meets your needs.


Hommak continuously keeps up with industry technology through ongoing R&D efforts. As an innovative production brand, HOMMAK uses these state-of-the-art machines in the Humus System, significantly increasing the system’s efficiency.

Material Quality

The quality of materials used in the production of the Humus System is crucial. HOMMAK, with its uncompromising quality, uses stainless steels and food-grade polymers in its manufactured systems.


Selecting a high-quality production system is essential for obtaining a higher quality product. A quality system has a lower error rate, longer lifespan, and requires less maintenance. HOMMAK provides you with significant advantages in your industry with its high-quality equipment and Humus System.

Maintenance and Service

Regular maintenance and service of the Humus System ensure its long-lasting and reliable operation. HOMMAK is always by your side after-sales with its uninterrupted maintenance and service network and promptly intervenes in any potential issues with the system.

Safety and Compatibility

The Humus System is safe and compatible concerning materials used and processing steps. HOMMAK manufactures this production system in-house and is an expert in its field, ensuring compatibility between equipment. Additionally, it provides compliance with international standards and certifications.

Customer Satisfaction

Hommak can customize the Humus System to meet customers’ needs. This increases customer satisfaction and ensures that the production line is designed to precisely meet their requirements.

Time Saving

Homak offers the Hummus System as a one-stop solution. This allows customers to manage the process with a single responsible party, resulting in time savings.


Choosing Hommak’s Humus System helps increase your production efficiency and create less waste. We expertly develop every detail in the production system. With the Humus System we developed, we enable you to produce more products at lower costs with its high efficiency.

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    What is the price of a Humus System?
    • It is not possible to provide a precise price for Hommak's Humus System. Prices vary depending on usage conditions, purpose, and capacity. However, you can be sure to maximize cost-effectiveness. Please contact us to get a quote.
    Why prefer Hommak Humus System?
    • Hommak provides top-level customer satisfaction with high-quality products specially designed according to customer needs.


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