Milk Standardization Line


 Milk Standardization Line

In the milk standardization line, the fat and milk are separated before standardizing dairy products. The milk and fat are then mixed again in the desired ratio. Milk is classified as skimmed, semi-skimmed, or whole milk.

The same process is used to adjust the amount of fat in producing cheese, yogurt, and similar products since milk is used as raw material.

What distinguishes Hommak in the standardization process is its sustainability, speed, and reliability. We use automated systems to help you follow the process better and help you achieve more consistent results.

Benefits of high precision milk standardization line:

  • High-performance and homogeneous product quality
  • Minimizes cream loss by making optimizations,
  • Offers production capacity in accordance with your demands.

 Application Areas of Milk Standardization Line

It is widely used in many areas where milk and dairy products are used.

Areas of Use:

  • Milk and milk cream,
  • Fermented dairy products,
  • Milk powder production,
  • Cheese milk,
  • Yogurt production,
  • And other dairy products.

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