Ketchup Production Line


Ketchup Production Line

Hommak Machine offers solutions for the ketchup producers to meet their demands and to facilitate providing high-quality and stable products to support them compete in the market.

Hommak Machine offers optimum solutions of ketchup production machines for ketchup production plants.

Perfect Mix of Ingredients

Hommak configures sustainable systems for obtaining a good mixture of solid and liquid ingredients, and the transportation and hygiene of the mixtures containing solid and liquid ingredients. Mixing is an important process for products with high viscosity such as ketchup.

Pasteurization Process

Hommak has the sufficient equipment and an experienced team to conduct the pasteurization process at the desired capacity.

 Homogenization Process

HOMMAK homogenizers are the world’s lowest RPM homogenizers. Thus, you get the maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

 Maximum Productivity

It provides optimum solutions for the production process and ensures maximum efficiency.

Clean-in-place (CIP)

Hommak Machine:

  • Optimizes the use of water and detergents in CIP applications.
  • Provides process solutions that minimize cleaning time.
  • Provides process design to ensure maximum hygiene.

 Process Automation

Minimizes the need for manual processing for ketchup production plants by providing automation solutions required by the customers. Hommak offers repeatable, reliable and optimum ketchup production line solutions with automation systems that will best control all stages.