High-Quality Hygienic Tanks


 High-Quality Hygienic Tanks

Hygienic tank solutions for production lines by Hommak Machine:

  • CIP tanks,
  • Stainless steel honey and molasses tank,
  • Stainless steel balance tank,
  • Stainless steel chocolate tank,
  • Stainless steel storage tanks,
  • Stainless steel fermentation tank,
  • Stainless steel mixing containers,
  • Stainless steel chemical liquid tanks,
  • Stainless steel fruit juice tank,
  • Stainless steel process tank,
  • Pasteurizer tank.

What Is CIP System?

CIP is the abbreviation for the English term “Clean-in-Place”. It can also be referred to as “on-site cleaning” or “automatic cleaning method”.

CIP Tanks

CIP Tanks are part of the CIP (Clean-in-Place) process for cleaning and decontamination of process equipments. The CIP unit is used not only for milk and dairy products, but also for the medicines and pharmaceutical industries, ready-to-eat foods, soft drinks and carbonated beverages.

Stainless Steel Honey and Molasses Tank

You can purchase stainless steel honey and molasses tanks from Hommak.

Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant iron alloy containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1% carbon.

Honey is a food made by bees collecting nectar from flower and fruit buds, altering its chemical structure in their stomachs, and storing them in the honeycombs.

According to the Turkish Food Codex, molasses is defined as the viscous product obtained by reducing the acidity and sedimentation of the unfermented fresh or dried fruit extract and then thickening under vacuum or in open container in accordance with the technique.


Stainless Steel Balance Tank

Balance Tank is an intermediate balancing tank which ensures feeding product to pasteurizer evenly.

Capacity: 100-250 liters

Material: AISI 304 stainless steel, single walled.

Fixed type with 3 legs.

Stainless Steel Chocolate Tank

Hommak stainless steel chocolate tanks are made of high quality 304 stainless steel material.

Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant iron alloy containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1% carbon.

Chocolate is the product prepared using cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, condiment, and various additives in accordance with its technical procedure.

Please contact us for information about stainless steel chocolate tanks.

 Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks can be used in various areas since they have a durable, reliable, and hygienic structure.

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks are sealed storage containers made of AISI 304 stainless steel material not to cause spoilage of the product in it.

They should be designed and manufactured taking into account the process and the structure of the material to be stored in stainless steel tanks.

Storage tanks should be designed considering the following criteria:

  • Type of material to be stored in,
  • Process design,
  • Area of use,

according to the optimum parameters.

With our engineering experience, expert team and knowledge, we serve our customers by manufacturing stainless steel storage tanks.

Please contact us to benefit from our experience and customized solutions.

Areas of Use for Stainless Tanks

They are used in several areas such as chemical storage, food and beverages storage in the food sector, water tanks, etc.

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank

 What Is Fermentation?

Fermentation means yeasting. In technical terms, fermentation is the process in which organisms transform glucose into alcohol or acid metabolically.

Fermented Products

There are many products produced as a result of fermentation.

Below are a few of the fermented products:

  • Yogurt, cheese, kefir,
  • Pickles,
  • Bread,
  • Products containing lactic acid,
  • Alcoholic drinks,

Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks

Hommak Machine serves its customers by manufacturing fermentation tanks. Please contact us to get quotation and information about stainless steel fermentation tanks.

 Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Hommak Machine provides service for designing, manufacturing, and assembly of the mixing tanks for food and chemical industries.

Production process is carried out by using the following materials in accordance with the requirements:

  • Stainless steel
  • Special alloy steel
  • Carbon reinforced steel,

In compliance with international standards.

 Price of Mixing Tank

Tank prices of tanks vary according to area of use and capacity. Please contact us to get information about the price of Stainless Steel Mixing Tank.

Stainless Steel Chemical Liquid Tanks

Hommak Machine manufactures Stainless Steel Chemical Liquid Tanks for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our customized process solutions are always designed to meet the customer’s needs.



 Stainless Steel Fruit Juice Tank

Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant iron alloy containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1% carbon.

Fruit Juice is the generic name for all beverages obtained as a result of processing of fruits.

You can store fruit juice products in Hommak Stainless Steel Fruit Juice Tanks without compromising its taste and structure.

Stainless Steel Process Tank

Stainless Steel Process Tank is used to heat the milk, to mix yeast into the milk homogeneously, to wait for the coagulation, to cut the coagulated product using cutter system, and to let it mature to get curd.

H2 Pasteurization Tank for Safe and Long Life Products

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is used to make food products safe from micro-organisms that are harmful to eat or drink and to extend the shelf life of the product. Also, it can be used to change the properties of the final product. For example, it is used to improve the development of starter culture to reduce defects in cheese production and improve quality.

Pasteurization Tank

With its experienced team, pasteurization equipment, and pasteurization tanks, Hommak Machine has been manufacturing machinery and turnkey custom facilities required by its customers.