Fruit Yogurt Production Line


Fruit Yogurt Production Line

According to Turkish Standardization Institute, “yogurt is the product obtained by pasteurizing cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, buffalo milk, goat’s milk, or mixtures thereof, or by homogenizing any pasteurized milk with the addition of milk powder, if necessary, and adding yogurt culture consisting of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptecoccus thermophilus following the procedure described in TS 10935-Rules of Yogurt Manufacturing.”

Yogurt is categorized as follows:

  • Plain yogurt,
  • Fruit yogurt,
  • Flavored yogurt,

Based on its aroma.

Fruit Yogurt

Today, it is aimed to make yogurt a popular product and increase its consumption by adding various flavors such as fruit addition.

The methods followed in the production of fruit yogurt:

  • Fruit yogurt with no clots: Type of mixture of yogurt and fruit; type of mixing fruit and yogurt just before consuming; type of yogurt with fruit aroma
  • Set type fruit yogurt: Type of yogurt with the fruit at the bottom of the container; type of yogurt with the fruit at the top of the product; type of yogurt with fruit aroma
  • Drinkable yogurt with fruit syrup addition,

Production Line

Hommak Machine provides turnkey Fruit Yogurt Production Line solutions for its customers. Please contact us for more information about the production line.