Aroma Production Line


Aroma Production Line

What is Aroma?

Aromas are natural or artificial substances used to provide flavor and smell to the food. Aromas are comprised of aroma agents, reaction aromas, aroma mixtures, incense aromas, or mixtures of them.

There are three types of aroma agents according to the method used to obtain aromas:

  • Natural Aroma Agents: They are substances obtained from plant or animal sources.
  • Nature Identical Aroma Agents: They are substances synthesized by chemical means with characteristics similar to natural aroma substances.
  • Artificial Aroma Agents: These substances are not found in nature, therefore, they are synthesized by chemical methods.

Why is Aroma Used in Foods?

Loss of smell and flavor may occur during the processing of foods. That loss is minimized by using aromas.

Consumption can be increased by introducing flavors and smells which are not present in the food.

If there are smells and flavors in the food that may adversely affect product consumption, they can be reduced to a minimum by using aroma.

Production Line

Hommak Machine offers complete production line solutions for production of aroma which is widely used in food production.

What are the Prices of Aroma Production Lines?

It’s not possible to provide specific price about the prices of aroma production lines. Because each line is designed according to the requirements of the production plant. Therefore, there is no standard price. Please contact us for more information about the production line and a quotation.