Twin Screw Pump

Twin Screw Pump

 HOMMAK Twin Screw Pump Technology

HOMMAK Twin Screw Pump combines the CIP tasks performed by centrifugal pumps and the tasks of positive displacement pumps. This enables the transfer of low and high viscosity fluids, resulting in greater process flexibility and time savings.

 Operation Principle of Twin Screw Pump

What is a twin screw pump?

It is a positive displacement pump. This pump transfers a specific product according to the speed of the screws and the screw pitches. Two screws with axial rotation generate vacuum at the inlet and pressure at the outlet. Thanks to this dual-chamber system, high and low viscosity products are transferred without any problem.

Areas of use for the twin screw pumps:

  • Crude oil and petroleum-derived products,
  • Low and high viscosity products,
  • Cleaning products or abrasive products,
  • Neutral or corrosive chemicals,
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • Generators and fuel systems,
  • Tank storage,
  • Fuel,
  • Tar, bitumen, asphalt,
  • Oils,
  • Resins,

Process flexibility

Offers convenience for pumping low and high viscosity liquids. Thus reduces installation expenses and operating costs. Minimizes the risk of contamination in the process.

Maximizes your profits with its high suction performance and installation flexibility.

Service and reliability

The cartridge seal with self-adjusting design allows quick and easy replacement of the pump in place. This allows you to maximize uptime and minimize maintenance costs. Thanks to the maintenance flexibility, you can reduce your operating costs.

Thanks to the design of the oil chamber, the lubrication process is performed with perfect precision. Good lubrication increases the service life of the bearing and minimizes gearbox operating temperature.

Operational safety

HOMMAK twin screw pump is made of stainless steel and materials complying with health codes. Designed for maximum cleanliness.

Thanks to its optimum design, it works quietly and smoothly. As the friction is reduced to the minimum level, the operating temperature also decreases. In this way, it contributes to workplace safety.

Quick and easy maintenance

It has been designed to minimize maintenance costs and maintenance time.

 What is the Price of a Twin Screw Pump?

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Twin Screw Pump