Ripple Pump (Liquid Fluid Pump)

Ripple Pump (Liquid Fluid Pump)

Ripple Pump (Liquid Fluid Pump) – HOMMAK

The Ripple Pump is designed to inject syrup, chocolate, fruit puree, caramel, and similar products into the ice cream flow.

It consists of a discharge valve, a pneumatic volumetric pump for dosing the product, and a star nozzle for injecting syrup directly onto the outlet line of the freezer and a tank.

Features of ripple pump:

  • It provides the product with a homogeneous look with a high level of dosing accuracy.
  • Positive pump for processing seed and fruit pulp
  • Electronic or manual speed control,
  • Stainless steel frame and corrosion-resistant structure,
  • A swivel wheel can be mounted,

What is ice cream?

Considering the history of ice cream, documents were found that revealed it was produced in China about 3000 years ago. The commercial production of ice cream took place in 1785 in London. The first commercial production of ice cream in Turkey has been made at the beginning of 1900 in Istanbul and Kahramanmaras. The industrial production started in 1980.

Ice cream is a frozen milk product that is prepared by mixing milk, cream, eggs, sucrose, other dairy products of suitable quality, condiments, additives, and water to a certain extent and pasteurizing by appropriate techniques.

Ripple Pump (Liquid Fluid Pump)