How is Hand Sanitizer Gel Produced?


How is Hand Sanitizer Gel Produced?

With the onset of Corona virus cases around the world, research on how to make hand sanitizer production has increased. In this article, I will explain important details about the disinfectant production facility.

What is Disinfectant?

Products of chemical or vegetable origin used to neutralize and reproduce pathogenic microorganisms other than bacterial endospores in the inanimate environment are called disinfectants.

Disinfection and sterilization are often confused. Disinfection and sterilization are not the same thing. In sterilization, all harmful or non-harmful microorganisms found in inanimate media are destroyed. In disinfection, it is used to prevent infectious diseases and to prevent further reproduction of viruses.

What are the Types of Disinfectants?

Disinfectants can be used in three different forms.

  • In liquid form (oxygenated water, tincture diode, phenol, crezilol, chlorophenol, copper sulfate, iron sulfate, iron permanganate)
  • Gaseous form (chlorine, sulfur dioxide, formol vapor, ethylene oxide)
  • Solid or viscous liquid (lime, calcium chloride, trioxymethylene)

Disinfectants used against corona viruses are generally products with a high alcohol content. The disadvantages of disinfectants is that they cause dryness and eczema on the skin in frequent use. In order to eliminate such situations, some manufacturers make moisturizing supplements. Apart from alcohol-containing disinfectants, it is found in firms producing disinfectants of vegetable origin.

Hand Sanitizer Production Facility

dezenfektan-uretim-tesisiThe most common problems in disinfectant production facilities are clumping and phase separation problems during production.



Clumping Problem in Hand Sanitizer Gel Production

inline-homogenizer, rotor-stator-homogenizerIt causes lumpy problems in the production of disinfectants and cleaning materials. In disinfectant production facilities, using inline homogenizer (high shear mixer) to solve this problem and obtain a homogeneous mixture increases your production speed and solves the lump problem.

The carbonmer used to obtain the gel consistency often causes agglomeration. This problem can be easily solved by means of a homogenizer.

What is disinfectant in this article? What are the types of disinfectants? In hand sanitizer production facilities, we have addressed issues for the solution of problems related to production.

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