Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

Homogenizer Application Areas - Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products

The medicine and pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly growing in recent years. The prolongation of the average human life, globalization, change in disease patterns, ease of access to health services, and the spread of the phenomenon of social state played an important role in the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicines and Pharmaceutical Industries Using Homogenizers

Homogenization (known as micronization in the pharmaceutical industry) is applied to reduce the particle dimensions of the product under very high pressure, with the turbulence and cavitation effect, to make them more stable and have a higher effect. The emulsion, suspension, or solution is pumped into the high-pressure homogenizer, forced to pass through the specially produced homogenization valve at a pressure of up to 2100 bar. The particles enter into the homogenizer at a maximum size of 500 microns and they exit as micronized ranging from 0.4 to 1 micron in size at the end of the homogenization process.

In the pharmaceutical industry, high-pressure homogenization has proven to be capable of achieving a stable product with a much better dispersion of active ingredient than conventional mixers, colloid mills, or rotor-stator devices. This is achieved by reducing the particle size and increasing the homogeneity under high pressure.

Homogenizers are widely used in medicine and pharmaceutical industries. It is used in various areas such as:

·        Aloe vera, calamine lotion,

·        Mineral oil emulsions,

·        Cod liver oil emulsions,

·        Processing of vaccine emulsions,

·        Skin care, body care, hair care products,

·        The production process of insulin crystal,

·        mAb (Monoclonal Antibodies) production process,

·        The production process of pharmaceutical and organic proteins,

·        Intravenous emulsions,

·        Medical and analgesic creams,

·        Antacid laxative,

·        Artificial blood, Liposomes, Penicillin,

·        Zinc oxide and Veegum dispersions,

·        Medical soaps,

·        Benzoyl peroxide,

·        Magnesia milk,

·        Vitamins.

The homogenizers are widely used also in several other products.

Lab scale Homogenizer