Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Homogenizer Applications in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Homogenization improves the mechanical properties of the products and increases their performance values in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

High pressure homogenization is applied to create more stable emulsions under dynamic conditions. The surface area of the products increases with the homogenization process. The reaction time and reaction temperature of the chemicals decrease due to the increase in surface area.

Homogenization provides an increase in color intensity of pigments and dyes. It optimizes the use of additives in products and provides viscosity control.

Use Areas of Homogenizer in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Suspensions are heterogeneous liquid-solid mixtures containing liquid and solid ingredients.

Emulsions are heterogeneous liquid-liquid mixtures containing multiple liquid ingredients.

Homogenizers are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries to optimize the mechanical properties of suspension and emulsion products.

The homogenizers are widely used for the following products in chemical and petrochemical industry:

·        Paints,

·        Ink,

·        Mineral oil emulsions,

·        Disinfectant emulsifiers,

·        Paraffin emulsions,

·        Liposome suspensions,

·        Greases,

·        Lubrication oil,

·        Wax,

·        Resins,

·        Adhesives,

·        Candles,

·        Emulsifiers,

·        Soaps,

·        Polymers,

·        Detergents,

·        Kaolin,

·        Lanoline,

·        Corrosion inhibitors,

·        Colloidal suspension,

·        Latex,

·        Clay distribution,

·        Pigments,

·        Colourants,

·        Fuel,


And homogenizers are widely preferred also for other products.