Stainless Steel Filters


Stainless Steel Filters - Hommak Machine

Stainless steel filters are widely used for pre-filtration in processes. Stainless steel filters are not disposable filters. The filter is cleaned with suitable solvents according to the type of filtered material and can be reused.

Washable stainless steel filters are widely used in the following processes:

  • Filtrating fluids such as milk, fruit juices, and oils in the food industry,
  • Filtration processes in medicine and pharmaceutical industries,
  • Cosmetics industry,
  • Filtration of chemical fluids and storage of fuels in chemical and petrochemical industries,
  • Filtration of industrial oils,
  • Treatment of potable and cooling water,
  • Paint production,

And many other industries.

Features of Hommak Stainless Steel Filters

  • Excellent mechanical strength,
  • High abrasion resistance,
  • Vibration resistance,
  • High temperature and pressure resistance,
  • Longer service life,
  • Higher filtration feature than other filters.

The Prices of Stainless Steel Filters

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stainless steel hygienic filter