Ricotta System for High Protein Cheese Production

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Ricotta System for High Protein Cheese Production - HOMMAK R-HM10

Ricotta System is an innovative solution designed by HOMMAK to meet the demands of the industry. It is an invention of HOMMAK.

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You can increase your muscle mass by consuming low-fat, high-protein ricotta cheese. Failure to use whey during cheese production causes insufficient yield from milk.  You can get higher efficiency in your production by using Ricotta Cheese Machine. 100 ml of ricotta cheese contains 14 gr of proteins that are very important for muscle development. Ricotta cheese is also rich in leucine and amino acids that accelerate burning fat along as well as protein. Leucine is one of the BCAA amino acids that cannot be produced in the body.

Designed and produced by HOMMAK, R-HM10 Ricotta Cheese Machine enables obtaining cheese with high protein content thanks to the use of the curd cheese needed in dairy applications. Another advantage of the Ricotta system is that it allows to make some types of mature cheese spreadable.

Hommak R-HM10 Ricotta System allows you to produce ricotta cheese with the capacity of 1000 L/ h depending on the application.

Features of the Ricotta System:

  • Designed for excellent performance and reliability with the latest design concept.
  • Designed compliant with EU safety standards (CE standards),
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested according to ISO EN 9001 Quality System,
  • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP and SIP),
  • Suitable for the use of abrasive and viscous products,
  • Touch screen control panel (PLC),
  • Automatic homogenization pressure control with pneumatic adjustment (optionally manual adjustment),
  • Stainless steel construction (frame) and electrical panel,
  • Less footprint with its ergonomic design,
  • Hygienic design and high-pressure gauge with analog diaphragm,
  • AC motor driver,
  • Made in Turkey,
homogenizer for curd