Laboratory and Pilot Plant Homogenizer

Laboratory Homogenizer

HOMMAK Laboratory Homogenizer is portable and has a mobile structure. It allows you to improve your existing products, to test the effect of homogenization on the products, and to get optimum results by determining the best process parameters.

HOMMAK homogenizers increase your process stability and enable you to produce more precise and quality products. Since unstable products cause unexpected results in all industries, they make it impossible to get stable results in production.

With its experienced and specialized teams, knowledge, and dedication, HOMMAK Machine supports you by manufacturing custom-designed, high-efficiency homogenization machines designed to meet your demands.

homogenizer R&D

Laboratory homogenizers have several application areas such as:

  • Milk and dairy products,
  • Medicines and pharmaceutical products,
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry,
  • Biotechnological products,
  • Food and beverage,
  • University laboratories,
  • Organizations conducting Research and Development activities on liquid mixtures,
  • Cosmetics industry.

Advantages of HOMMAK Laboratory Homogenizers:

  • Vibrationless, quiet, and high precision operation,
  • Small footprint and suitable for use on bench,
  • High security measures have been taken with its digital pressure gauge and pressure safety system.

HOMMAK is one of the most prestigious companies as a manufacturer of laboratory homogenizers

    Features of HOMMAK Laboratory Homogenizer:

    • High-performance and high-pressure resistant stainless steel body,
    • Manual pressure adjustment,
    • Custom designed pump pistons according to requirement,
    • Digital pressure gauge,
    • Second-stage homogenization valve group,
    • No need for a feed pump (for products with a viscosity up to 1000 cP)
    • Pressure feeding of high viscosity products using the feeding chamber,
    • Three-phase motor, variable speed control
    • Stainless steel panel removable for maintenance and cleaning,
    • Anti-vibration legs,

    Operation Principle of Laboratory Homogenizer

    The fluids which are initially unstable and heterogeneous are forced to pass through a narrow fenestration in the laboratory homogenizer under high pressure up to 2000 bar, thus, a more stable and homogeneous product is obtained.

    The difference between laboratory homogenizer and industrial homogenizer is that it takes up less space, is easier to handle and has lower initial investment costs. It will be easier and less costly to determine your homogenization needs using a laboratory homogenizer.

    Pilot Plant Homogenizers

    HOMMAK pilot plant homogenizers were designed for limited production and Research and Development studies.

    Advantages of Pilot Plant Homogenizer:

    • Easy installation,
    • Simple operation,
    • Quick and easy maintenance,
    • Low cost,
    • A mobile system,
    • Flexible operation pressure ranging up to 2000 bar,
    • Pressure feeding of high viscosity products using the feeding chamber,

    HOMMAK S-HM5 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK S-HM5 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK S-HM5 Homogenizer Technical Data S-HM5 Power (kW) 7.5 Number of Pistons 3 Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 755x1372x800 Weight (Kg) 450 Water Consumption (Lt) 50 Gear Transmission Box Oil (Lt) 7 […]

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    HOMMAK C-HM1 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK C-HM1 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK C-HM1 Homogenizer Technical Data C-HM1 Power (kW) 2.2 Number of Pistons 3 Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 652x1052x675 Weight (Kg) 225 Water Consumption (Lt) 30 Gear Transmission Box Oil (Lt) 3.5 […]

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    HOMMAK L-HM2 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK L-HM2 Homogenizer

    HOMMAK L-HM2 Homogenizer Technical Data L-HM2 Power (kW) 2.2 Number of Pistons 2 Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 482x545x485 Weight (Kg) 110 Capacity(L) 20-50 Pressure(Bar) 500-1500

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