hommak homogenizer series, hommak homojenizatör serisi

High Quality and High Pressure Homogenizers for Energy Conservation

Many fluids are heterogeneous. The heterogeneity of fluids leads to disadvantages in terms of production according to the area of use. High-pressure homogenizer is used to eliminate these kinds of disadvantages.

Homogenization valve, homogenization prenciple

What is homogenization? What is a homogenizer?

The description of homogenization can be made shortly as follows: The heterogeneous fluid product is forced to pass through a small hole by applying high pressure. As a result of micronized particles passing through the hole at high speed, the surface area increases and they become homogeneous permanently. This process applied is defined as "homogenization". The homogenization machine is called homogenizer.

Industrial High-Pressure Homogenizer

It is used in the milk and dairy products industry, food and beverage industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, cosmetics industry, medicines and pharmaceutical industry, and biotechnology.

hommak homogenizer series, hommak homojenizatör serisi

    Benefits of using homogenizer:

    • Prevents sedimentation in fluid products,
    • Ensures desired viscosity values for the product,
    • Adds value to the product by improving the properties of the product,
    • Homogenized milk can be produced from milk and dairy products by preventing the formation of fat layer
    • Improves the taste and texture of beverages,
    • Reduces the need for additives as it provides high stability,
    • Provides high quality color characteristics,
    • Makes the milk look whiter,
    • Facilitates digestion as it increases the surface area of food and drinks,
    • Ensures the desired consistency for the creams and lotions.

    Use areas of Homogenizer:

    • Milk and dairy products: milk, yogurt butter, ice cream, cream cheese, baby food, puddings,
    • Food and beverage products: Fruit juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, molasses, soy milk, jelly, ginkgo drink,
    • Chemical and petrochemical industry: paint, detergent, grease, wax, resin, fuel oil, lubricating oil,
    • Cosmetics industry: Creams, toothpaste, lotion, liposomes, shampoo, perfume, polisher,
    • Medicines and pharmaceutical industry: Vaccine, antibiotic, syrup, vitamin, protein, mineral, enzyme, liposome,
    • Biotechnology: Protein, bacteria, yeast, virus, algae, collagen peptide.

    Ice Cream Homogenizer

    Ice cream homogenizers are used in the ice cream production process. It prolongs the shelf life of ice cream and minimizes the icing problem.

    ice cream homogenization

    Laboratory Homogenizer

    Laboratory homogenizers are used in several areas such as cell biology, biotechnology, serum and agricultural applications. They can operate at high pressure values (2000 bar).

    Milk Homogenizer

    It increases the viscosity of the milk, and as a result, homogenized milk with more consistency is obtained. It is used in processes related to ayran, yogurt, and dairy products.

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    hommak service

    Service network

    HOMMAK is a true partner that ensures that your processes run smoothly and that you can use them for many years.

    With our experienced team and original spare parts, we provide maintenance and repair service support to minimize the operating costs and risks of our customers.

    Hommak homogenizers are manufactured in such a quality that they can operate for many years if proper maintenance and controls are provided. HOMMAK supports the users for its products to continue operating efficiently throughout their life cycle. You can be sure that an experienced and faithful team waits to support you wherever and whenever you need it, and stands behind its product.

    What is the Price of a Homogenizer?

    It is not possible to state a certain price for a homogenizer. Their prices vary according to use conditions, purpose of use and the capacity. You can be sure that you will get the optimum solution in terms of price/performance.

    We also provide 2nd hand homogenizers for more reasonable prices according to the requirements of our customers.

    Please contact us to get quotation for a high-pressure homogenizer.

    Why Prefer HOMMAK?

    It ensures customer satisfaction at high levels by providing high-quality custom products specially designed according to customer needs. As a result of years of experience and Research and Development studies, HOMMAK has achieved the goal of producing homogenizers that have lower energy consumption by making the necessary optimizations. It maximizes the return on investment in the homogenizer.
    Hommak homogenizers operate with the world’s lowest piston movement speed (RPM). Therefore, it works smoothly without any vibration and with high efficiency for longer periods.
    About 3000 HOMMAK high-pressure homogenizers are in active use around the world. HOMMAK Machine supports its customers by manufacturing approximately 250 homogenizers annually.

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